JIPS – Letter from the Editors

Dear researchers and publishers in the Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society

The editorship of the Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society has recently changed hands. After devoting many years to the journal, Professor Steve Rosen has handed over his duties. We are all most appreciative of his dedicated service over so many years.

As the new editors, we turn to all potential authors that it is worthwhile to publish your researches in the journal. It is the central forum for publishing reports and results of excavations and studies related to the prehistory of Israel and the Levant.

Moreover, the journal will soon be incorporated into the international network JSTOR and will be available through the internet to all those interested. Articles three years old and greater will be available to those with institutional access to JSTOR at no cost, while more recent articles, published within the last three years, will require payment. Significantly, this international exposure will place the publications in JIPS within the larger pool of world data.

In addition we would like to initiate a new tradition and publish articles (or at least abstracts) from theses and dissertations in the field of Israeli and Levantine prehistory. This can be an opportunity to expose all prehistorians in the country and abroad to the results of these researches. We will assist in every way possible in order to see that these studies are published in our journal.

We will continue to publish book reviews. All those interested in having their books reviewed in the journal should send a copy of the book to Dani Nadel, the chief editor.

As the new editors of the journal we turn to you and encourage you to continue to publish in the journal. We have made no changes in the general format and technical aspects such as citations in the text, referral to illustrations, bibliographies, etc., will remain as before (see appendix below).

In order to expedite our work authors are requested to:

1.      include the entire manuscript (with figures) in a single file, details below.

2.      provide email addresses of all authors for communication during the review and publication processes.

3.      submit the manuscripts by May 1 in so that the article will be reviewed and entered into the new volume by December of the same year.

4.      send the manuscript to Dani Nadel (dnadel@research.haifa.ac.il).

Each manuscript that is received will be given a preliminary evaluation and if found suitable, will be sent immediately for outside review. If the manuscript adheres to all the requirements, we promise to provide an answer of acceptance/rejection within no more than two months.

For questions or clarifications concerning submission of articles, please contact Dani Nadel (dnadel@research.haifa.ac.il).

The Editors,

Dani Nadel, Guy Bar-Oz, Danny Kaufman and Danny Rosenberg

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